Refurbished vs Used vs New Apple Parts: Key Factors to Consider

Purchasing replacement Apple parts often involves deciding between new, refurbished and used component options. Here what you need to know from quality, pricing, warranties and sourcing perspectives:

Refurbished – Like New at Lower Costs

Refurbished parts are pre-owned Apple components disassembled, thoroughly tested and repaired to full working order. While technically used, the refurbishment process screens out damaged hardware and ensures upcoming longevity nearly on par with new devices. Expect decent savings – quality refurb iPhone X screens cost around 30% below current retail pricing.

Used – Extra Diligence Required

Used Apple parts can significantly drive down costs, but lack consistent quality control between different sellers. Carefully assess each individual part’s condition based on provided photos and damage disclosures. Be prepared to accept shorter lifespans around 1 year for flawlessly functioning used parts. Confirm warranty terms as well – used iPhone motherboards often only receive 30–90-day guarantees.

New – Premium Pricing with Full Warranties

Purchasing brand new replacement parts directly from Apple or authorized outlets gives the highest quality assurance, but requires paying current retail pricing. The benefit is every genuine Apple component passes strict specifications testing with accompanying serial numbers and 1-year warranties. If cost is no concern, new Apple parts bring full peace of mind.

Sourcing Matters Too!

Even for matching conditions like new or used, Apple parts sourced from reputable suppliers signal higher integrity versus random online vendors. Established names thoroughly vet inventory for authenticity, disclose repair histories, and back products appropriately. For rare or hard-to-find parts, trusted suppliers invest in reliable procurement channels as well. Conduct some due diligence before purchasing components!

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