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Refurbished vs Used vs New Apple Parts: Key Factors to Consider

Purchasing replacement Apple parts often involves deciding between new, refurbished and used component options. Here what you need to know from quality, pricing, warranties and sourcing perspectives: Refurbished – Like New at Lower Costs Refurbished parts are pre-owned Apple components disassembled, thoroughly tested and repaired to

Backing Up Your iPhone Before a Repair

Backups should be a routine precaution for iPhone users, but they become especially necessary before sending devices in for any repairs or diagnostics. Technicians may need to inspect software issues, wipe phones completely, or replace components in a way that can erase all local data if

Common Issues With Apple Charging Ports and Cables

Like any hardware component, the charging ports and connectivity cables on Apple devices can develop issues over time – causing problems with powering up your iPhone, iPad or MacBook. Dirty or damaged ports, frayed wires, software glitches and general wear and tear can prevent your devices

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